Shoppers are emptying grocery store shelves ahead of this week’s winter storm

FORT WAYNE, Indiana (WANE) – A tradition like no other… Shoppers flock to the grocery store ahead of a winter storm.

The sure sign of an imminent winter storm is empty or partially stocked grocery shelves. Meteorologist Nathan Gidley spent some time talking to customers.

Many encountered long lines, up to half an aisle deep, even though most of the ticket offices were open. The atmosphere was described as ‘insane’, ‘crazy’ and the shelves reminded one customer of the time Covid first emerged. Carts full of goods worth hundreds of dollars were also observed.

Commonly purchased items were eggs, meat and milk. Many customers advised people to get there as soon as possible as the items go fast.

Remember, grocery stores continue to struggle with supply chain and staffing shortages. So make sure you stock up on items in moderation. According to some shoppers, all you need to do is stock up on items to get you through the weekend. Don’t think you need a month’s worth of supplies to weather the storm.

Dusty Brown, a customer of the store, gave this great advice: “Just be careful and watch out for people and remember to be kind to one another…everyone’s a little nervous about the weather coming.”

Tuesday is the last day to shop before the winter storm hits. Remember that Wednesday and Thursday are 15 Fury Alert Days when we will see the biggest impact on travel and daily life.

For the latest forecast information, visit the WANE 15 Forecast page.

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