Showers & thunderstorms arrival

The rest of the afternoon looks rainy and stormy today.

Latest radar observations

Latest radar observations from 11:38 a.m. show showers and thunderstorms are beginning to move into western Wisconsin. It seems that heavy rains will be the main threat from these storms. However, sometimes gusty winds cannot be ruled out.

Stormy rest of the day

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Thunderstorms are likely now until evening. Temperatures should remain stable in the 1970s.

Still threatened by storms

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We are still at risk of storms for the rest of the day and tonight. The southern half of our field of vision, including La Crosse, has an increased level 3 storm risk. We will continue to monitor this for the rest of the day.

Looking ahead…

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Conditions will be much drier tomorrow with high temperatures in the upper 70s. Sunnier conditions with warmer peaks in the upper 80s from this weekend into the next week.

-Meteorologist Derek Sibley


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