SoCal’s thunderstorm was rare and spectacular – and there could be more rain on Thursday


Parts of Southern California received much-needed rain this morning after Monday’s thunderstorm.

But the intensity of lightning and thunder we saw and heard yesterday was rare for the region, according to National Weather Service forecaster Andrew Rorke.

“[It was] probably a one-off event in 10 or 15 years and was modified by the fact that the clouds that created the lightning were so far above the ground that it really made it possible for a lot of people to see the lightning, â€he said.

In fact, total rainfall was relatively small, ranging from about a tenth to a quarter of an inch in Los Angeles County. It rained nearly a third of an inch in parts of Orange County and the Inland Empire.

The number of lightning strikes was significant.

Over a thousand have been reported from LA County to eastern Santa Barbara County and off the coast. Even more were reported in Orange and San Diego counties.

None of the local strikes caused any significant damage.

“[A] Few phone poles were hit, a couple of very small fires lit, which were quickly put out so that there was no lasting impact other than a lot of images flooding Twitter, “said Rorke.

In LA County, the Inland Empire, and the deserts, the possibility of persistent rain showers still exists today.

The sky will be clear this afternoon, but it may rain again on Thursday evening and Friday.

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