Sonic boom claimed in East Yorkshire as RAF fighter plane Typhoon ignites loud bang | United Kingdom | Messages

Local residents likened the loud blast, which struck just after 8 a.m. over the Mappleton area, to that of a bomb. RAF fighter planes regularly fly in the area for training purposes and to monitor Russian planes flying near British airspace.

This led many to attribute the noise to a sonic boom made by planes breaking the sound barrier.

This has yet to be confirmed by the Department of Defense.

One man said his “whole house shook” while another said “the earth shook”.

Individuals took to social media to report what they heard, concerned about where the bang was coming from.

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And Dan Field, who previously shared photos of himself in Armed Forces uniform, said: “Morning everyone, we apologize for any inconvenience caused this morning.”

While there were claims that the noise was caused by a fighter jet, radar trackers showed the plane online in the area around 8 a.m. was a Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam.

Hull Live reports that Delta Airlines Airbus A330 was about 100 miles offshore and flying at about 850 miles per hour – well below the speed of sound.

This type of aircraft is also not capable of flying supersonic.

It’s worth noting that military aircraft don’t always show their location, which can be tracked on the public radar tracks.

This can be done to avoid alerting potential adversaries of their whereabouts.

The news came as Defense Secretary Ben Wallace vowed to “stand up against thugs” and warned of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s increasingly aggressive actions. has contacted the Department of Justice for comment.

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