SSS extends dues payment deadline in typhoon areas

The Social Security System (SSS) announced that the contribution payment deadline for select months in 2021 will be extended to February 28, 2022 in areas declared a state of disaster by Presidential Proclamation No. 1267 due to Typhoon Odette.

Based on SSS Circular No. 2022-004 of February 9, 2022, contribution payments that can be made by the extended deadline refer to the corresponding months of November and December 2021 by corporate and private employers; and October through December 2021 by Insurance and Debt Collection Partners (CCPs), Self-Employed Volunteer Non-Employed Spouses (SE/V/NWS) Members and Land-Based Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Members in the following regions:

· Region IV-B (Mimaropa);

· Region VI (Western Visayas);

· Region VII (Central Visayas);

· Region VIII (Eastern Visayas);

· Region X (Northern Mindanao);

Region XIII (Caraga)

“We saw the negative impact of Typhoon Odette on our fellow citizens last December. Through this extension, we aim to alleviate the concerns of our members, employers and CCPs in affected areas by helping them not miss their dues payments or avoid late payment penalties,” Aurora C. Ignacio, President and Chief Executive Officer of SSS said.

For employers with approved installment proposals, their postdated checks due December 2021 and January 2022 will be deposited on or before February 28, 2022.

Meanwhile, no contributions paid retrospectively by an SE/V/NWS and land-based OFW member will be used in determining his/her entitlement to benefits arising from an emergency where the payment date is on or after the semester of the emergency lies. For example, if a SE/V/NWS or land-based OFW member falls ill in April 2022, his/her emergency semester will run from January to June 2022.

This would mean that dues paid during this extension period would not be used to determine said member’s entitlement to the benefit as the date of payment falls during the emergency semester.

Under normal circumstances, the SSS contribution payment deadline for commercial employers is every last day of the month following the applicable month, while for domestic employers and SE/V/NWS members, the deadline is every last day of the month following the applicable month or calendar quarter, as the case may be.

In addition, the subscription payment deadline for land-based OFW members for the corresponding months of January to September of a given year is December 31 of the same year, while for the corresponding months of October to December of a given year it is January 31 of the following year.

If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, payments can still be made on the next working day.

Information on online and alternative payment channels for SS contributions is available on the uSSSap Tayo portal at

The SSS also opened a disaster relief package for its members and retirees affected by Typhoon Odette. Programs under the package are the Calamity Loan Assistance Program for members and a three-month early retirement benefit for SS and EC retirees, running through April 13, 2022; and the Direct House Repair and Improvement Loan Program, open for applications through December 23, 2022. The full policies of the mentioned programs can be found at (PR)

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