Still dry for most of our Friday but severe thunderstorms forecast for Friday night | top stories

High pressure moved into our area overnight. This high pressure has dominated our weather for most of the day and now into our evening hours over our area. We will see the dominance of the high pressure by tomorrow afternoon. That means our weather stays on the calm side until our Friday afternoon.

Small bits of low pressure along with some fronts will start to dominate our weather forecast as we head into our Friday night and upcoming weekend. During our weekend we will see some rain showers and sometimes thunderstorms. There is a small chance that some of the thunderstorms could pack a punch at times. This chance isn’t anything special by a long shot, but it still kicks up enough atmosphere to ruin some people’s weekends. The main source of severe weather from these thunderstorms will be in the form of some hail along with intermittent strong and gusty winds. Even a tornado cannot be ruled out if everything goes in the wrong direction during an isolated thunderstorm. One thing to mention, otherwise we’ll see variable cloud cover.

At the beginning of next week we will see more high pressure building up again in our area. This in turn will mean that drier and calmer air will take over our weather forecast for the first few days of next week.

  • Timed coordination: Our next round of severe weather will be possible on our Friday evening/early Saturday morning. More chance of some strong to severe thunderstorms for our Saturday afternoon through Easter Sunday evening
  • Movement: Movement of thunderstorms mainly northwest to southeast on Friday night and into Saturday morning and/or developing on Saturday and/or Easter Sunday
  • effects: Strong and gusty winds, together with at times large hail, the most likely form of severe weather. Individual tornadoes cannot be ruled out.

Severe thunderstorm risk for Saturday and Saturday night, April 16, 2022

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