Storm Protection – Nuclear Scientist, Dr. Amoako’s recipes

After the death of a young coconut vendor in the Volta region, believed to have been struck by lightning, Dr. Joseph Amoako of the University of Ghana’s School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences advised the public on what to do in times of thunderstorms.

Speaking to Kafui Dey on the GTV Breakfast Show on Thursday June 2, 2022, Dr. Amoako, lightning is a natural event that occurs every day, with over 40,000 thunderstorms recorded around the world every day.

“From my point of view, these are natural phenomena that occur. There are over 40,000 thunderstorms every day, which accounts for over 40,000,000 storms a year worldwide,” he said.

dr Amoako added that lightning and thunder have an electrical component that is responsible for causing an electric shock.

“Lightning and thunder is an electrical phenomenon that occurs naturally because nature has electrical properties, nature has its own magnetic fields and electrical properties. It is the electrical side that generates so much electricity that one can get electrocuted. It’s like stepping on a VRA high voltage cable and being instantly electrocuted and dying,” he explained.

He advised wiring the houses well to avoid unforeseen incidents during thunderstorms.

“Every house, every property must have very good wiring, the grounding should be well done, use good conductors for grounding, tall buildings must have copper plates (lightning rods) to catch the charges and ground them to the earth instead of the whole building hold true. It can cause fires,” he added.

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