Stormy Oregon / Washington Coast, possible thunderstorms then sun


Stormy Oregon / Washington Coast, possible thunderstorms then sun

Posted 9/26/21 @ 8:16 pm PDT
From employees of the Oregon Coast Beach Connection

(Manzanita, Oregon) – The Washington and Oregon coasts are about to have a pretty wild ride this week, with some pretty intense offshore storms and warnings, the possibility of thunderstorms, and then as many areas transition into a sunny “second summer” Pattern later in the week. Parts of the south coast of Oregon will warm even more. However, some areas of PNW can experience high tides and dangerous beaches, as well as high winds during the first half of the week.

The National Weather Service (NWS) offices in Seattle, Medford and Portland have issued a variety of small vehicles or storm warnings for offshore areas through Monday morning.

From the coast of Washington to around Florence – in the middle of Oregon’s coastline – thunderstorms are possible.

On the Washington coast, combined seas create 15-foot swells offshore Monday, and beach advice is available.

“The conditions on beaches and coastal fronts will remain dangerous,” said the NWS in Seattle. “Expect a similar situation around the middle of the week, when the next strong front hits the waters late Wednesday and goes ashore by early Thursday. Expect widespread advisory winds and possible storms, along with larger seas following the front lines again. “

The seas won’t be that heavy along the Oregon coast, but there are some minor ship warnings for Monday morning. The NWS in Portland said the wind and sea will ease on Tuesday.

From south Washington down to the central Oregon coast, thunderstorms are possible on Monday and Tuesday, and all areas – including the south coast – will get heavy showers on those days.

Be on the lookout for more weather action on Wednesdays, though more of the beachfront garden variety than anything dramatic.

Westport, Washington courtesy of the Westport Visitor Center

“The rain probability ends from west to east across the region from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning, but right on the heels of this system is another one that will bring a second round of rain probability for the middle of the week,” said the NWS called. “With this second system, the probability of rain increases on Wednesday morning along the coast and on late Wednesday evening until Thursday morning in the Willamette Valley.”

See Oregon Coast Weather – Washington Coast Weather

The coasts of both states will dry up on Thursday and will continue to do so over the weekend. There will be some sunny moments on the Washington coast, but temperatures and blue sky frequencies increase the further south you go. On the coast of Washington it is partly cloudy to mostly sunny from Thursday to Sunday and on the north and central coast of Oregon it is a little more sun. The highs will not go much beyond 60 in either area, even as far as Port Orford in the south.

However, there will be a lot more sun and temperatures close to 70 at the weekend in Gold Beach and Brookings, which makes this place a mild place on both coasts.

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