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Although the heat wave is simmering across much of British Columbia, meteorologist Lisa Erven said the province was facing more hot temperatures.

The records were broken on Monday and Tuesday as highs crept into the 1940s, including in the village of Lytton, which had temperatures above 49C.

Environment Canada predicts that these high temperatures will persist in the coming days.

“It will be five to ten degrees above what is normal for this time of year, depending on which parish you are in,” Erven said as the high pressure ridge hovering over BC makes its way onto the prairie.

“We are coming from a historic heat wave, these sustained high pressures will accumulate for the rest of the summer,” said the meteorologist.

A summer hotter than usual

Seasonal modeling predicts above-average temperatures in parts of the province that will last through August and September.

That will begin in the second week of July unless British Columbia experiences an equally extreme cooling event, Erven said. “Remember, seasonal models don’t take into account cold fronts or widespread rainfall.”

By the end of the summer, Environment Canada had forecast above-average temperatures for the province as a whole.

Keep an eye on the local forecasts to be prepared for the next major weather event, warned Erven.

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