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Here’s one curiosity that gets in the way of your boy. This week’s Arcade Archives release – fresh from retro publisher Hamster – is Taito’s adorable ass-kicking release Typhoon Gal, now available for download on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

1985 throwing the way into the gambling halls, Typhoon Gal is the story of the young judo master Yuki, who tries to defend the honor of her dojo from an army of male aggressors determined to put our hero in her place. With fists, feet and a series of acrobatic throws, Yuki gives her opponents a well-deserved kick in her dojo, in the surrounding forests and even in the temple of her arch-rivals and brings violence against her opponents doorstep. Typical old school arcade style, Typhoon Gal just repeats itself over and over, which allows Yuki to increase the number of bodies.

Check out our girl in action in the video below, courtesy of YouTuber Aldo computer.

Although understandably simple, Typhoon Gal is one hell of a funny release. An early entry into the brawler genre, with cute, colorful images and fun, entertaining fights, Typhoon Gal deserves a better legacy in the annals of video game history. What is important is that its dedicated Galic protagonist, single-handedly devastating an endless supply of male enemies – and she rushes off in shame – was an incredibly novel narrative for the 1985 gaming scene and our Pink Gi heroes rightly among the most groundbreaking von counts The female protagonists of gaming. Kudos to you, Yuki, kudos.

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