Tazewell County’s residents are coping with the damage caused by severe thunderstorms


TAZEWELL COUNTY (WEEK) – Tazewell County’s residents are coping with damage and power outages from severe thunderstorms that swept through the area Friday night.

“We just heard the wind and rain around 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm,” said Drew Johnson, a Tremont resident. “Got up at 6:00 this morning to let the dog out, get out of here and it looks like a war zone.”

Sheds, trees and power poles broke to pieces in strong winds and rain.

Some residents found parts of their home that had blown down the street.

“The neighbor’s trampoline was upside down in the other neighbor’s yard,” said Johnson. “The trees are kinked right at the base.”

Residents of the Royal Colony Estates in Beijing were left without electricity and rubble.

They said they heard loud bangs and strong winds all evening. Some even compare it to the feeling of a tornado from years past.

“We heard that loud bang,” said Amy Jackson from Beijing. “We heard a lot of wind. I often wondered what a tornado would sound like and listened to the noise of the train that everyone is talking about.”

Tremont resident Jennifer Poisal said it was a scary experience.

“I’ve never heard winds like this out here,” said Poisal. “We weren’t here when the tornado came through. But I’ve never heard the wind like this before.

Residents spent Saturday helping each other clean up the mess. They said that although the storm caused a lot of damage, they were grateful that no one was injured.

“We had half a dozen neighbors stopping and moving [debris] off the street, “said John Watson from Beijing.” I looked at it and thought, ‘What was I going to do?’ It’s really good to have that help this morning when it has been so busy. “


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