Thanks to the benefactors of Mission Typhoon Odette

Typhoon Odette, which hit the northern part of the island of Mindanao on December 16-17, 2021, claimed many lives. Volunteers from the Rosa Mystica Medical Mission visited the site seven days later, two days before Christmas.

The damage was extensive with power and communications cuts, landslides, many fallen trees and collapsed houses.

The volunteers were able to visit and bring the faithful of the various chapels of the Society of Saint Pius X in Butuan, Surigao City, Canlanipa and the families of the village of Cantugas, with whom a mission has been running since March 2020.

Packages were also delivered to Siargao Island, despite the difficulties the ferries faced due to extreme sea roughness – a surfer’s paradise in ordinary times.

Thanks to a member of St. Joseph’s Chapel in General Santos, who has a professional relationship with the Coast Guard, packages containing rice, pasta and bottles of drinking water were delivered to a group of Catholics and a Protestant community who had received No. 1 state aid.

Nobody was spared. Both rich and poor were affected. And this equality in adversity has awakened treasures of generosity and devotion. A merchant whose rice storehouse was flooded donated 200-25 kg. Sacks of rice distributed to the poorest families in Canlanipa and Cantugas, bought canned goods and donated unsoaked rice.

Clothing collections were organized with the faithful of the priories and chapels of Gensan, South Cotabato, Davao and Butuan. Packages were distributed to homeless people who had run out of dry clothes in the daily rain.

The typhoon caused shortages of building materials and construction workers in the disaster-hit region, as well as rising prices for goods and services. So Fr. Timothy Pfeiffer sent construction workers to the believers in Surigao who did not have the means to rebuild or repair their homes. To this end, wood was purchased from the Mamanwa tribe and distributed free of charge.

Having lost much or everything, the faithful of Fr. Tim’s mission in Surigao, being more aware of the plight of others, did not hesitate to share with neighbors and commend the poorest. For example, a widow and her six children, one of whom was physically disabled and living in a cemetery after losing their roof, were able to benefit from the help of laborers sent to build a house.

What your help made possible

On December 20, flood cleanup products were purchased in Butuan.

On December 22, 200 meters of tarps for emergency blankets were donated to the Cantugas tribesmen. 120 Cantuga families received food and clothing.

On January 19, an NGO came to distribute food and galvanized iron roofing sheets to the 120 families of Cantugas. This allowed the Rosa Mystica mission to bring further aid to the people of Siargao.

As of February 14, 2022, 42 houses have already been rebuilt or repaired.

300 families in Surigao City and Siargao Island received food, water and clothing, and village chiefs in Siargao collected medicines to give to the sick.

The Chapel of the Society of Saint Pius X in Butuan and the small adjoining house that serves as an infirmary are located in a very poor and flood-prone area where people displaced by natural disasters are generally relocated. Medicines were also distributed to sick people living nearby. Three families affected by the floods in Butuan received help to repair their homes.

To help the Rosa Mystica mission:

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In Switzerland: AMEP – Association de Mission et d’Entraide aux Philippines – Route de Collombé 24 A – CH-1976 ERDE

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IBAN: CH24 8080 8001 0967 6858 4


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