The backstory: Four years ago this week, Hurricane Harvey’s “Rain of Terror”


Up to 1.5 meters of rain fell within a few days when Harvey flooded much of southeast Texas in 2017.

HOUSTON – Four years ago this week, Hurricane Harvey‘s “rain of terror” began across Texas after it landed near Rockport on August 25, 2017. The Category 3 storm triggered historic floods that destroyed thousands of homes and businesses on the Louisiana border to central Texas.

Most of Harvey’s history has centered not so much on wind and tides as rain, although popular golf destinations of Port Aransas and Rockport have suffered severe wind damage.

Unlike most hurricanes, which move forward in a path until they fall apart over dry land, Harvey was different.

It hit the Texas coast three times – at Rockport near Houston, then at Port Arthur – after slowly winding its way through the Gulf of Mexico. Harvey simply refused to move and dropped an incredible amount of rain that fell literally for days without a break.

The weather service reported that in one week, rain had fallen over southeast Texas for a full year. In Nederland, south of Beaumont, more than 60 inches of rain accumulated.

The flood in Houston was so severe that scientists say the city sank nearly an inch under the weight.

Harvey inundated hundreds of miles of Texas, from Port Arthur, near the Louisiana border, to La Grange, over 160 miles inland. Even Austin experienced some minor street floods from the storm.

It was the second worst hurricane since 1900, and property damage amounted to $ 125 billion.

But Harvey was also a story about everyday heroes, as people pitched in and joined rescue workers to save their neighbors. The images of thousands of water rescues flooded the airwaves and were seen online.

Hurricane Harvey was four years ago, but the Texans who experienced it probably still remember it.

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