The monsoon will reach Indore by June 15, says the India Meteorological Department

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Amid the stifling and scorching heat across the country, some relief knocked in the town of Indore after Meteorological Department officials said on Tuesday that the highest temperature had dropped to 41 degrees Celsius, with monsoons reaching the town by June 15 would.

The mercury rose to 44 degrees in the city, leaving the crowds gasping for a drop of heat.

“Currently 41 degrees maximum and minimum 25 degrees in the last two days, the temperature will probably stay the same in the next three days, due to the cloudy sky, the humidity will stay the same in the coming days,” said Dr. HL Khapedia. the meteorological department node officer told ANI.

Warm air from Rajasthan and Gujarat was also blowing from west to east, officials said.

“The drizzle will likely start from June 10, which will be pre-monsoon, from June 15 the winds will likely blow from the south and by then the monsoon will arrive,” he added.

Earlier, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said the heatwave would prevail in Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and parts of Madhya Pradesh-Rajasthan.

“Orange alert in Delhi. Severe heat wave of June 4 in Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, UP and parts of MP, Rajasthan. Temperature varies between 44 and 47 degrees in black and white. Will continue for four more days. We advise people to Heat waves are very serious,” said RK Jenamani, senior scientist at IMD, on Tuesday.

With the expectation that the monsoons will move into Delhi to take a break from the scorching heat, people are disappointed as the monsoons have not yet set in the north, according to IMD.

Heavy rains are expected in northeastern parts. Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh have been warned. Meanwhile, the monsoon hasn’t really started anywhere in the north. We monitor. The monsoon in Delhi is still a long way off,” Jenamani said.

“No significant change in maximum temperatures is very likely over the next 4-5 days in most parts of North West India. No significant change in maximum temperatures is very likely over the next 2 days in most parts of central India and will fall by 2-3°C thereafter,” the IMD tweeted.

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