The worst cold in 9 years in Delhi, the Meteorological Department said – the cold will continue to increase

New Delhi: Cold spell conditions continue in many parts of the country. All of northern India, including Delhi-NCR, is reeling under the cold spell. The cold in Delhi has broken the record for the past nine years. The Met Department (IMD) has predicted that cold spell conditions will continue in Delhi in the coming days. According to the Met Department, Delhi has experienced such severe cold this year since 2013. Let me tell you that rain record was also broken earlier in Delhi.

January of this year saw the highest rainfall since 1901. While the IMD has predicted the city’s maximum temperature will gradually rise to 17 to 18 degrees Celsius over the next three days, the minimum temperature is expected to be around 4 to 5 degrees Celsius located . By the end of the month, the maximum temperature will reach 19 degrees Celsius, but the minimum drop over the next three days may remain around 4-5 degrees Celsius.

The maximum temperature is expected to be around 16 to 17 degrees Celsius over the next two days, which is expected to rise from January 29. Thursday’s forecast indicated that Delhi at Safdarjung could remain at a maximum of 17 degrees Celsius, while the minimum is expected to be around 5 degrees Celsius.

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