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Elita Chikwati
Senior agricultural reporter
Tomorrow, scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms are expected across the country as more moisture flows into the country from Zambia.

The weather will be predominantly cloudy and warm across the country.

According to the weather service, the storms can be accompanied by strong winds, heavy downpours and hail in places.

“It should be mild both morning and evening,” said the mead department.

Regarding the current rainy season, the department said: “Of the thunderstorms and rains that occurred mainly along and north of the main watershed, the highest falls at Mhondoro (77 mm), Binga (73 mm) and Chakari Dalny Meins (56 mm).

“Other areas were less than 25 mm, which shows the sporadic nature of the current period of heavy rain.”

The Met department said lightning and hailstorms were a major risk during this period.

“The spatial distribution of precipitation is very poor, locally heavy rainfall is likely to remain,” it said.

“Strong winds can blow away roofs and cause property damage.

“When the thunder pounds, go inside. After the thunderstorm has ended, stay indoors for at least 30 minutes. These are precautionary measures to reduce the likelihood of a lightning strike. “

The Met department warned that lightning could strike from a great distance.

“If you hear thunder within 30 seconds of seeing lightning, you are close enough to be hit,” the department said. “Get into a vehicle or a house.”

Farmers were advised to insure their crops against adverse weather conditions such as hailstorms.

“It is recommended that water be harvested to cope with dry spells during the season. Check regularly that the roofs are secured. Nails can loosen over time.

“People in malaria-prone areas should take the necessary precautions, such as spraying insecticides, applying mosquito repellants and sleeping under mosquito nets,” the department said.


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