Thunderstorms are wreaking havoc on Rehoboth Beach communities, and residents are thankful for the safety

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – Early morning storms with winds reaching 70 MPH hit Rehoboth Beach on Tuesday.

Several neighbors were woken up worried, with no power and major damage. “The dog woke us up barking. I looked outside and it was just light, light, light,” said tenant Cathie Lammy.

“It was almost like it exploded not far from our house and things were flying around. Pine cones beat and branch out. Then suddenly boom,” said resident Bob Dieterle.

It wasn’t your average morning in the Hickman and Bayard block, one of several areas that suffered severe damage.

Local residents I spoke to said they were completely surprised by the strength and aftermath of Tuesday’s storm. “I saw my neighbor and said, ‘Is there something with your car?’ He said yes, my car was crushed and this tree had fallen on it. That’s when I decided to go back in,” said Dieterle.

Rehoboth Beach Public Works Director Kevin Williams says they received calls as early as 5:30 a.m.

Clean-up work was carried out immediately, streets and sidewalks were cleared for traffic. “We don’t necessarily practice it, but we gain a lot of experience with it when storms come through here. So they know the protocol, who to call and what to do right off the bat,” Williams said.

“And many homeowners were out clearing sidewalks and clearing debris from yards. So it really was a whole team effort.”

Several other areas were hit by the downpour, causing structural damage to many homes and vehicles.

But resident Bob Dietrele says what matters most is that no one was hurt. “I’ll just walk around this city for a bit. There was some damage and a power outage. Overall I think everyone was safe. That’s important to me,” said Dietrele.

We have been informed that Delmarva Power had around 1,700 customer outages due to the storm.

We’re unable to confirm how many homes have power now, but Public Works officials tell us that Delmarva Power expects to have those homes powered by Tuesday night.

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