Today’s devotion: The Psalm of Creation


For since the creation of the world the invisible properties of God – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly recognizable and are understood from what is made. (Romans 1:20)

In this time of cultural divide, from Christians who reject Christ, from corrupt ministers, from governments as a religion, and endless sermons from cynics and atheists – in all this confusion, it is easy to lose sight of the simple fact that God is easy. Regardless of renegade nations, terrorism, in trouble what ifs and tortured but whys, the old man is here, now, rests on you as you read these words. Just look outside and you will see that this universe was created to dance around a name – YHWH.

Praise him, sun and moon. You will see the great light that warms this earth with its million-mile fire, its ancient core that forms light, is light and is the source of all light, without which no living being would have warmth. In the evening you will see the smaller light, this body of crater dust, which, despite all its scars and gaping cracks, is reborn as a somewhat luminous glow when it reflects the shine of the larger flame of the sun.

Praise him, all you shining stars. As night falls, you will see the revelation of supernovae and constellations, those shimmering fragments of glory that are always there despite being hidden by smog and stratosphere, waiting to be sung about and sung about. You will see them and think, “The stars were here long before I took my first breath, and they will be here long after my last, firmly in their paths.”

Praise him, you highest heavens and your waters above the heavens. You will see clouds of water, majestic canopies that break and break. And in its shattering rain falls and the earth renews itself. You will see this and be amazed: “A huge cloud pours into nothingness, and blades of grass are nourished below.”

Praise the LORD, wind and hail, stormy winds that do his command. You will see the fury of nature – hurricanes raging over the islands, typhoons ravaging the monuments of humanity, storms razing the rich and poor. You see the wreckage of hubris, and in its wake you see plants blooming in the wasteland, colors sprouting from the graveyards of our best plans.

These things are signs, reflections, memories – imperfect in their mortality but undeniable in their testimony. They are unworthy of worship, but in their various offices they testify to One who is worthy, One to whom galaxy after galaxy of praise is insufficient. The light of lights in which we clumps of dust find our worth; the faithful star that remains faithful and beautiful behind our veils of doubt; the mighty thundercloud that pours out so that we may live; the untamed wind that causes rot so that birth can follow. He is all of this … and yet He is our Father, our Friend, our Beloved, our King.

So in your distress and grief, all you need to do is look around. Notice how all things sing to the Most High – then fall on your knees and speak to your Creator.

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Today’s prayer:

Dear father, you created all things. You are in control of all things. Even if my world seems upside down, you lead me on a straight path. I trust you Lord.


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