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UK-based sustainable racing startup Trees not Tees is proud to announce its first American racing partnership with the Negative Split Productions Typhoon Texas Kids Triathlon.

Trees not Tees helps events reduce their environmental footprint with a simple strategy – giving participants the option to decline a free race tee and plant a tree instead.

The 6th annual Typhoon Texas Kids Triathlon, the world’s largest children’s triathlon, will take place from September 18-19, 2021 at Typhoon Texas Waterpark, USA. Over 1,500 children are expected at the 2-day event.

“Since our first year in 2016, I’ve been looking for creative and innovative ways to make a positive impact on the environment at our event,” said Tony Sapp, founder and race director of the Typhoon Texas Kids Triathlon. “Through our partnership with Trees Not Tees, I hope we’ll have over 500 trees planted at the Typhoon Texas Kids Triathlon in 2021, with more participants choosing to plant a tree each year.”

What Trees not Tees is about

Every year, millions of event t-shirts are produced and given away that are never worn. Co-founded by Jade Rein and ultra runner Jim Mann, Trees Not Tees is working with race and event organizers to give contestants the choice of planting a tree rather than buying a finisher t-shirt that they may not wear. After the event, attendees who have chosen the option to plant a tree will receive a photo and GPS coordinates of the location of their tree.

“We at Trees not Tees are very excited to be working with Tony and the Typhoon Texas Kids Triathlon team as our first racing partner in the US,” says Chris Zair, Director at Trees not Tees. “It’s great to see the team looking for sustainable racing options rather than going back to pre-pandemic things and hopefully other races will follow suit.”

Further Trees not Tees US races US partnerships with Orca Running and Evergreen Trail Running are already being planned.

Trees for everyone

Trees Not Tees currently has four planting sites in Scotland and will begin planting in the US from 2022. Chris Zair says: “Exciting, at Trees not Tees we will start our first reforestation project in the USA in 2022. From next year our partner events will see their trees planted much closer to home!”

Trees not Tees always plant the right tree in the right place, which means that the right species is always planted on the right tree-planting land. Trees Not Tees never plant on existing critical habitats or on deep peat.

“The environmental benefits of planting a tree are enormous,” says Jim Mann, co-founder of Trees Not Tees. “It helps us fight climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it is home to a variety of species, and it gives us clean air to breathe.”

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Call to action

Fast Running Editor Robbie Britton says, “As an athlete, you have a voice, so use it. If you want to make a difference, speak to the race directors you know and provide feedback at events that this is an option that you would also like to see at their events. “


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