Watch the damage from the thunderstorm on Friday in San Diego – NBC 7 San Diego


A thunderstorm that soaked San Diego County on Friday blew trees, flooded roads, possibly started a bushfire, and even delayed the padres game.

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Fallen pine tree in La Mesa

Just before 4 p.m., the Heartland Fire Department was called to a house on Panorama Drive in La Mesa that had been damaged by a large fallen tree.

The tree, a Monkey Puzzle Pine that was about 70 feet tall, fell over a street and its top landed on a neighbor’s garage, HFD spokesman Andy McKellar said. The crews said branches of the tree penetrated the roof of the garage. One resident was at home at the time but was not injured.

NBC 7’s Dave Summers reports from La Mesa where a tree fell over, damaging at least two houses and pulling down a power line.

On its way down, the tree got caught on a power line that stretched across the street. A crew from San Diego Gas & Electric responded and was seen handling the power lines and chopping the tree into pieces.

A second home was also slightly damaged and its residents sought protection.

Freeway flooding in the Spring Valley

Traffic is slow on the SR-94 in Via Mercado to the west and all lanes are closed due to flooding. NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia reports.

Earlier in Spring Valley, a driver tried to drive through stagnant flood along State Route 94 near Via Mercado and got stuck, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said.

A tow truck came to the scene, hooked the disabled car on its slut, and dragged it out of the pool. Caltrans said all highway lanes on Via Mercado will be closed until the floods can be cleared.

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Conflagration on Mount Laguna

At around 2:30 p.m., the Cleveland National Forest Fire Department (CNFFD) raced to Mount Laguna to put out a fire that was reportedly caused by a lightning strike. The department has staff to monitor lightning strikes, and if they catch one, they can send crews into the area to see if there is a fire or other damage, according to department spokesman Nathan Judy.

At 3:30 p.m. the department was still trying to reach the remote area of ​​the strike. In some cases, planes are flown over remote areas for clear skies to assess the damage, Judy said.

The meteorologist Dagmar Midcap has her first alarm forecast for September 24, 2021.

Who is first? What’s second? Rain is in third place.

Lots of cool things happen on the grounds of Petco Park, especially when the Padres are in the heat of a playoff race. What the ballyard barely sees is rain, let alone enough to delay or cancel a ball game.

But here we are.

The Padres had planned a one-of-a-kind double-headed ball with the Atlanta Braves in town on Friday. Earlier this season, the two teams had a game in Atlanta that was interrupted by rain. The rain never stopped before it was time for the brothers to leave town, so the MLB planned some kind of makeup game. The game was supposed to pick up where it left off – with the Padres in the 5th inning 5 to 4 – but in San Diego with the Padres playing as a street team.

Crazy, right? A similar situation occurred during the shortened season last year. A game in San Diego against the Giants was canceled due to exposure to COVID-19, so they later invented the game in San Francisco. The Padres left the Giants at their own ballpark at the end of the 9th inning.

Friday’s makeup game at Petco Park was supposed to start at 5.15pm, but the rain delayed it by about an hour. Game 2, this time with the Padres as the home team, is scheduled to begin 35 minutes after Game 1 has ended.


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