Weather in Perth on Christmas Day: Forecasters expect the 30-year dry spell to remain unbroken

Perth can expect a hot and dry Christmas Day this year, with the Bureau of Meteorology expecting the holiday’s 30-year dry spell to remain unbroken.

Although it’s still too early to determine the exact temperature, experts predict the weather will be similar to previous years.

Bureau of Meteorology‘s on-duty forecaster Bob Tarr said the temperature could be around 10 degrees.

“Often (the average range) for Christmas is above 25 ° C and below 30 ° C,” said Tarr.

“It hasn’t rained at Christmas since 1991, so it was a long dry spell.”

With temperatures hitting a scorching 40.4 ° C last Christmas – just 0.6 ° C below the highest recorded temperature on Christmas Day – a slightly cooler maximum can be a pleasant surprise for those looking to spend the day in Perth.

Thousands are expected to flock to Perth’s beaches to keep cool and enjoy the festivities.

Camera iconThousands are expected to flock to Perth’s beaches. Credit: beau –

Families can stay separated for a third Christmas, however, as the Prime Minister of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, put a number of tough border restrictions in place before the Christmas season.

WA currently has hard borders with Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia – meaning citizens from these states cannot enter.

Perth can also look forward to warm weather in the run-up to Christmas with an average maximum temperature of between 33 ° C and 36 ° C for the next week.


Saturday: 33C, sunny

Sunday: 33C, sunny

Monday: 34C, sunny

Tuesday: 36C, sunny

Wednesday: 33C, partly cloudy

Thursday: 33C, mostly sunny

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