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The KSN and KODE meteorologists encourage you to be “weather aware” tonight

KSN/KODE – It could be an early morning for the Four States as there’s a good chance we’ll see another round of severe weather tonight.

Local meteorologists from KSN and KODE-TV, like Alexis Clemons, said that “all kinds of severe weather are possible with these thunderstorms,” ​​such as: B. damaging winds, large hail and individual tornadoes.

The latest weather forecast from meteorologist Alexis Clemons can be found here.

As local weather forecasts change throughout the day, you can view the latest here.

WATCH: The latest forecast from KSN, “your local weather agency”

Meteorologist Gene Hatch of the National Weather Service (NWS) in Springfield, Missouri, explained the weather conditions for today and tonight:

“As the low pressure moves east across the plains today, the pressure gradient will intensify, creating gusty winds of 30 to 40 miles per hour for much of today. This strong southerly current will also push dew points into the 60s and allow afternoon highs around Joplin and areas to the west to rise to around 80 degrees. Later in the day through tonight, a surface low will rise toward the Great Lakes region, trailing a cold front, across Kansas and into the Missouri Ozarks late into the night.”

| Weather radar is not working in the NWS office in Springfield

The series of severe thunderstorms seen late Sunday evening and into this morning (4/10 – 4/11) continued eastward.

As the powerful storms hit Greene County and the city of Springfield, lightning struck the local NWS weather radar, located next to the NWS Springfield office.

Information listed on the NWS Springfield Office’s weather radar webpage said: “Technicians are currently on site working to restore the weather radar (WSR-88D) to working condition. A timeframe for when the radar will be operational again is not known at this time.”

Luckily for residents of the Four State area, KSNF and KODE have a state-of-the-art weather radar called the Freeman LIVE First Alert Doppler Radar, which is considered a better system compared to the NWS Springfield WSR-88D Weather Radar.

Stay one step ahead of the storm with our interactive weather radar, which you can find at WEATHER Tab found at the top of

For mobile devices, you can download “KSN16, KODE12 Weather App” for Apple and Android devices.

The Weather mobile app offers our interactive weather radar as well as many other tools to keep you “up to date” on local weather.

| No thunderstorms overnight still Carved in stone

NWS meteorologist Gene Hatch continued, “Warm air and moisture advection (the transfer of a property of the atmosphere, such as heat, cold, or moisture, by the horizontal movement of an air mass) into today’s region will provide the fuel needed for strong to severe thunderstorm development.” tonight, probably around or after midnight. The combination of multiple atmospheric conditions known to produce severe thunderstorms (and often supercell thunderstorms) will support the rapid growth of damaging storms.”

Area meteorologists agree that all the ingredients for tonight’s severe weather should be in place across the Four States, but the occurrence of severe thunderstorms isn’t exactly set in stone.

Throughout the day, weather forecast models will tell local meteorologists what to expect in terms of tonight’s severe weather risk.

Drew Albert, a weather forecaster at the NWS Springfield Office, said: “I would say tonight’s chances of severe weather risk are based on changes in forecasts, which are currently largely dependent on the degree of the ceiling (a reversal of the normal decrease in air temperature with altitude) , which will be above the region. When storms can developing from Southeast Kansas to East Texas tonight they will be in good conditions to get violent and move east. The main question of the day that we are all working to solve is whether there will be storms can develop.”

GRAPHIC SLIDESHOW: The latest severe storm graphs from the NWS (Springfield)

| Severe storms are expected on Wednesday

More storms are possible during the day on Wednesday as a major storm system sweeps through the region.

Severe storms with large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes will be a possibility again, but the greatest risk of severe weather will occur east of Springfield, MO.

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