Weather warnings for rain, wind and the potential for thunderstorms on weekends

Our weather department has set three weather warning days – today through the weekend. Today it is for the rain and the breezy to windy conditions. There may be some thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday.

Our first autumn storm comes a few days earlier. It rains, sometimes heavily, almost everywhere in West Washington, most of the day. It is an “atmospheric river” that, like a fire hose, is directed straight towards the Pacific Northwest. I call this our “end of summer”. Some people call it the “fire extinguisher!” I love that. It’s raining in central and east Washington too. Hopefully fires will be dampened!

For most of us it will be airy, windy in the north and on the coast. The National Weather Service has issued a wind warning for these areas, see below for details.

The heaviest rain is likely to come late tonight on I-5 with frontal passage. Check out the FutureCast forecast for around 10 p.m. below. You will hear the knock on the roof!

It’s also going to be cooler than normal, with highs in the mid-60s. 72 is normal for this time of year.

The weekend will be rainy with maybe a few sunburns. Occasional thunderstorms can occur on Saturday and Sunday. It’s getting cooler, with highs only in the lower to mid 60s.

Monday could have a prolonged morning shower then we will dry out and have partial sunny skies and highs in the mid to upper 60s.

Tuesday is the last day of summer and it looks like summer will bring us another summery day. It gets mostly sunny with highs around the normal – low 70s.

Fall comes on Wednesday and there is a possibility of showers with highs in the upper 60s.

Since rain is likely, it’s Wet Paws Day for the Pet Walk Forecast. Here are a couple of 12 kittens this Blue Friday!

Meteorologist MJ McDermott

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