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In front of the door this morning we are unusually warm again, in the upper 60s to 70s. Our struggle of the last few days continues between high pressure, some parts of low pressure and some fronts. This has given our area a diverse cloud cover and now and then isolated showers and isolated thunderstorms.

During the day and into the evening there is a good chance of sporadic to spotty rain and thunderstorms. Some of the thunderstorms will be heavy and violent at times. Some potentially severe, our northern counties are exposed to a level 3 storm risk.

Another very good chance is our weather forecast for this Saturday, perhaps in the early hours of our Saturday morning. We will see the potential for some strong to severe thunderstorms at times. All types of severe weather are possible due to the abovementioned culprits.

We will see the coldest air of the season yet and move into our area by the end of the weekend. Temperatures will easily drop into the 20s to hit night lows. The daily highs will be in the 1940s on Monday.

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