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The National Weather Service says it will issue a severe thunderstorm warning in areas with winds of 100 mph tonight – even if there is no thunder or lightning in the storm cell.

That means you might get an alert on your weather radio or phone even if it’s not a storm outside. This doesn’t mean the warning is false or should be ignored – it does mean strong and potentially destructive winds are around you and you should move to a safe place and away from windows.

These warnings can occur at any time between 8:00 p.m. and midnight. So make sure you have multiple ways to receive these alerts – including our First Warn Weather app, which can send personalized alerts for your area straight to your phone or tablet. even if the power fails.

Before the storm, you should bring or tie up any patio furniture, trash cans, or Christmas decorations that you have outside. The high winds are likely to cause power outages overnight too, so make sure you have backup plans in place.

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