Winter storm brings snow, high winds and thunderstorms to Northeast US | US weather

A dangerous winter storm brought heavy snowfall, violent thunderstorms and blustery winds to the northeastern US on Monday, and infrequent flurries and deadly tornadoes to Florida.

More than 50 million people were under winter weather warnings as of Monday morning. The huge system affected a gigantic chunk of land stretching from Florida to Maine.

According to, air travel was impacted as more than 1,200 US flights were canceled Monday morning after 3,000 US flights were canceled on Sunday. More than 180,000 customers from Georgia to New York were powered, according to

Florida saw infrequent snowfalls in the Panhandle region of the state’s northwest, and the system also spawned tornadoes across the state of Florida, destroying or damaging numerous mobile homes.

New York City and Boston were spared the heaviest snowfalls, which piled up at higher elevations in western Massachusetts, eastern Pennsylvania and parts of New England.

A severe thunderstorm warning remained in effect for New York City early Monday, and high winds made travel in the area treacherous. The howling winds spread a fire that destroyed a motel and two other buildings on the Salisbury, Massachusetts waterfront early Monday.

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